Security gates prevent access. This can be incredibly valuable to clothing stores, electronics stores, jewelry stores and many other retail properties that are frequently targeted by criminals. If you need help selecting a gate, please feel free to contact us 212-202-0747. Grille gates are most commonly used to protect a storefront or as a parking garage security gate.

Shopping Mall Store Gates and Security

If you have a retail store in a shopping mall, you likely understand that there are possible security threats to your business. A shopping center is a public place where hundreds and even thousands of people pass through each day. This presents a unique situation for security professionals.

As a retail store owner, you know the importance of balancing safety and security with the image of your store. Many people are worried about making their location look unappealing when they think about security and gates solutions. Too much security can actually deter potential customers from your store. The goal is to use security wisely and appropriately to deter criminals while still remaining welcoming to visitors.

Store and Mall Security Gate Repair Services

Whether you manage a shopping mall, or a retail store, We can help you with your security needs. Rolling Gates NYC provide repair and installation services of doors and grille security gates for retail stores and malls.

  • Rolling metal shutters
  • Overhead pull-down gates
  • Security windows
  • Storage area gates

Pattern Gate – Standard

Standard pattern is a straight link pattern for security grilles in normal usage such as shopping malls and storefronts. Aluminum curtain is formed of horizontal rows of 5/16″ aluminum rods spaced 1 1/2″ apart to be connected by vertical 3/4″ aluminum links spaced 9″ apart.

  • 6″ Minimum diameter structural steel pipe barrel
  • Optional aluminum or galvanized steel hood
  • Oil tempered torsion spring on continuous cold-rolled steel shaft
  • Aluminum grille curtain (see patterns below)
  • Extruded aluminum guides & continuous steel wall angles
  • Steel plate brackets attached to wall angles
  • Extruded aluminum tubular bottom bar

Shopping Malls Retail Store Security Gates can also be seen in shopping malls to safely secure stores after mall closing time. For any question please contact one of our representatives 212-202-0747.

Pattern Gate – Heavy Duty

Heavy straight link pattern designed for grilles in high usage applications such as parking garages. Curtain is formed of horizontal rows of 5/16″ aluminum rods alternating with 1/4″ galvanized steel rods covered with a 5/16″ aluminum tube sleeve. Rods are spaced 1 1/2″ apart and connected by vertical 3/4″ aluminum links spaced 9″ apart. A brick pattern is available.

Options for Heavy Duty Security Gate:

  1. High Cycle Construction: Designs to provide up to 150,000 operating cycles.
  2. Emergency Egress System: Recessed pull handle in a flush mount enclosure mechanically disconnects motor operator to provide partial opening of grille for emergency exit.
  3. Support Tubes: Square steel tubes attached to floor and structure above to provide mounting for grille.
  4. Sloped Foot Piece: For uneven sill conditions.
  5. Soffit Flange Cover: 5 1/2″ wide flange on bottom of footpiece to conceal slot required for above ceiling installations.
  6. Cylinder Locks: On foot piece.
  7. Hood: Formed from galvanized steel or aluminum sheet
  8. Fixed Grille Panel: Grille curtain in a supporting frame.
  9. Anodized Finish: Clear, dark bronze, gold, black and other color anodized finishes on curtain, foot piece, guides and hood.

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