Grille Gates


Before Installation of Grille Security Gate

Grille gates are most commonly used to protect a storefront or as a parking garage security gate. They can also be seen in shopping malls to safely secure stores after mall closing time.

Security gates prevent access. This can be incredibly valuable to clothing stores, electronics stores, jewelry stores and many other retail properties that are frequently targeted by criminals. If you need help selecting a gate, please feel free to contact us 212-202-0747.

Security Gate at the mall
After Installation of Grille Security Gate

Grille rolling gates provide optimal visibility and air circulation while still providing effective protection against theft and vandalism. Grille gates are ideal for interior applications such as shopping malls and exterior applications such as store fronts where after-hours visibility is crucial. Gates are composed of galvanized steel rods linked by vertical aluminum links and PVC sleeves and can be installed from the interior or exterior.Operation options for grille gates include: manual operation, chain operation, or motorized operation.