Solid Gate and Grille Gate

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Solid Rolling Gate

At Rolling Gates NYC, we never cut corners when it comes to quality and we pride ourselves on the superior quality of our Rolling Gate services immaterial if it’s grille or solid iron gate. Our adept technicians maintaing and repair all types of residential and commercial doors, including residential and commercial type of gates that are prominently used within the New York City community. The gates that we service carry our signature of quality door repair and gate installation. Some examples of the Rolling Gates we maintain and are capable of installing are shown below:

Solid Gate and Grille Gate

  • Solid Rolling Gates

Solid rolling doors and gates are ideal for security against unwanted entry and protection against detrimental weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow. The steel design of the solid gate can be implemented in both an interior and exterior manner, allowing the use of this gate in both commercial and residential spaces. Whether rolling doors or gates, the standard design model can either insulate against extreme weather conditions, or ventilate with perforated curtains.

  • Grill Rolling Gates


Grill Rolling Gate

Grille Rolling Gates are designed to allow visibility and air circulation while providing general area protection. These grilles gates can be used at shopping malls,storefronts, and parking garages. Some of the other types of gates our professional technicians at Rolling Gates NYC are able to install, service, and maintain include: manual gates, chain system gates, roll-up gates, and roll-down gates, fire doors, and many more. Whether your gate is jammed, out-of-track, or a key switch needs to be replaced, there is no servicing and maintenance issue that our skilled technicians cannot handle. Rolling Gates NYC’s service fees are one of the most affordable in New York City, coupled with a prompt estimated arrival time of 20 minutes to your given location. Our sister company Door Repair Brooklyn may also help with door repairs and key changes. Our licensed technicians and locksmiths are at your service 24/7. Call us at 212-202-0747. Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our customers after their respective gates/doors are installed, serviced, or repaired.

  • Perforated Rolling Gate

perforated rolling gate