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Door Closer

Door Closer

As part of our commercial door services, we at Rolling Gates NYC provide Door Closer services such as: supply, repair, install and adjustments work.

Rolling Gates NYC Company provide our customers with the necessary materials and also offer various services for commercial door needs. From the smallest door opening project to the largest number of door opening installations.


Concealed Door Closer

Overhead concealed closers provide an aesthetically appealing way to close a door. In situations where a closer is needed but concealment in the frame header is required or desired, the Concealed Door Closer is the ideal solution for door control. Once installed, only the solid one-piece arm is visible when the door is open; therefore, the unit provides a high degree of vandal resistance. When the door is closed, the closer, arm and slide track are fully concealed. For applications where concealment is required and security is the main concern, the Concealed Door Closer should be used.

Speak to an Expert (Door Repair)

Our licensed door repair expert understand the need for a well functioning doors. They are able to match the parts to your unique needs and budget. Call us today at 212-202-0747.

Door Closers
Concealed Door Closer

Door Closer Maintenance, Repair and Adjustment Info

Basic Operation Of A Door Closer

  • Hydraulic Door Closers close a door automatically at an adjustable speed.
  • A Door Closer is usually mounted at the top of a door or above it on the jamb.  There are also internal models that are installed hidden inside the door frame for a cleaner look.
  • An internal Spring applies force to the arm to close the door.  Hydraulic fluid (oil) flows through pathways inside the closer.  The resistance/restriction to fluid flow determines the door closing speed.
  • Spring strength and adjustment (if any) varies by model.  Heavier doors require stronger door closers.
  • Door closers are matched to their application, based on door size and weight, and the corresponding strength needed to close them properly.
  • Adjustable Spring tension allows models so equipped to work well for doors of sizes within their range of adjustment.