Common Questions

Common Questions about Rolling Gates:

Can I hook up a gate operator to an exciting gate?

An operator can be installed to your rolling gate if: your gate is equipped with the proper items needed (v-groove wheel assembly & a boxed tail-for added gate length, as well as a concrete strip for the gate to roll on for angle iron to attach to).  Most of the time gates aren’t setup for an operator, in which case we would have to modify your gate and depending on the condition your gate is in; possibly make you a completely new roll gate.

Where can I find the hardware I need for my gate?

Without knowing what kind of gate you have, it is hard to recommend the hardware you need. We carry gate hardware for all types of gates.

What can you recommend for a safety device for my automated gate?

There are many different safety devices on the market. Loops and detectors, photoeyes, and safety edges are some of the more popular devices. Each have their advantages and disadvantages.
To conclude, all automated gates and doors should have safety devices installed for protection against property damage and injury. Automated gates should not be used by pedestrians. A separate pedestrian gate should be installed away from the automated gate and equipment. Some operators are powerful enough to kill a person if trapped. Photoeyes, loops, and edges are all inexpensive when compared to costly repair bills. The correct safety device will depend on many factors, i.e. type and size of gate, type and quantity of users, and type of operator. Chances are multiple safety devices should be installed.


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