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Rolling Gate Repair NYC

Rolling Gates NYC

We supply and install all types of rolling gates including fire-rated gates, roll-up doors, and security grilles for commercial buildings.


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Gate Installation

If you want your property to look professional and secure at the same time, Rolling Gates NYC is the company to hire.



Rolling Grille Gates

High-Quality Products

Custom rolling gates, roll-up doors, springs, motors, and locks for both indoor and outdoor roll-up door installation.

Professional and affordable commercial door service.

Centers & Malls

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Types Of Gates

Door Repair Services Commercial & Residential By Rolling Gates NYC


Glass door repairs for commercial

Glass Door Repairs

We provide commercial glass door repair and aluminum door repairs as they are the most common doors used for retail and commercial entrances.

Door Closer Repair

Door Closers

Overhead Concealed Door Closer offers the perfect solution for those who prefer the aesthetic advantages of a concealed door closer.

Iron Fence Door

Iron Fence Door

Iron fence door and steel fence gate to accent your property with our selection of steel fence panels, available in a variety of styles.

gate maintenance


Routine maintenance can extend the life of your doors, hardware, operators, electrical control panels, and access systems, as well as preventing not only costly unexpected repairs but possible accidents.

Glass Door Locks
Commercial Door Lock Change

Customer Service That Is Second to None
We, Rolling Gates NYC Company, go the extra mile to make our customers happy by providing the best possible product and service.

Commercial Doors – Supply | Install | Repair

We at Rolling Gates NYC  provide professional and quick service for commercial doors; high-speed doors, fire doors, revolving doors, automatic doors, and door closers, concealed door closers, glass door locks, aluminum commercial entry doors, and much more.

Experts Technicians – Our technicians are experts in a wide variety of door repairs, which is what sets us apart from every other company in the Big Apple. Our highly trained staff has met our strict requirements for safety precautions as well as technical skills, not to mention being licensed and insured.

Added Services: Supply and Install Security Systems

We install, program, maintain, and repair security systems, cameras, and intercom systems. We work with small businesses and large corporations to provide only the highest quality technology available in the market today, while nonetheless adhering to relevant building policies and structural requirements.

Commercial Door Reapir

Repair for Entry Door, Home Door or Gates, Rolling Gate NYC offers a complete repair service and line of commercial door systems for industrial and commercial buildings. We provide business owners with numerous advanced solutions when it comes to upward acting exterior and interior rolling doors.

Residential Door Repair

Repair for Entry Door, Home Door or Garage Door, Rolling Gate NYC offers a complete repair service and line of residential door systems  and door locks for home owners. We provide your home with numerous of advanced solutions such as high security locks and security systems.

Gate Maintenance

Gate Maintenance

Chain System Gate MaintenanceKeep Your Gate Clean A build-up of dirt and dust can develop very fast without regular cleaning, it can cause the metal parts of the gate to become rusty and can make it harder to Grille gate. Cleaning your gate once in a while will keep...

Fire Door

Fire Door

A fire door is a door with a fire-resistance rating (sometimes referred to as a fire protection rating for closures) used as part of a passive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire and smoke between separate compartments of a structure and to enable safe...

Fire Door

Fire Door

The New York City Fire Code law is required that all back doors will swing outward and have a panic bar. We at Door Repair NYC remove old back doors that swing inward and install new fire-rated doors which swing outward. This, along with a panic bar,...

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Rolling Gates NYC

If you have regularly used rolling gates you could have already know that they offer a premium level of defense and suppleness, which are not found in commonplace gates. The remodeling of including curler steel door kinds is that it is typically wider and exceptional when examined to normal doorways, and these facilitate bigger mediums to travel through them with reasonably simpler via these entrances.

Industrial doors nevertheless are available in a huge range relying on the kind of business, size, location, and last but not the least style. The are lots of sorts of business doors such as roll-up doors, fire ranked doorways, hollow steel doors, rolling gates and sectional doors, merely among others. Every one supplies features and performance specific to the structures aesthetic requirement and physical needs. Business doorways can be made from a variety of materials such as glass, steel, aluminum, wood, or fiberglass

Fire Rated Doors require specific fire resistant materials and air strict securing to make sure fire and smoke safety when needed. In locations of structures subjected to dangerous chemicals or fuels, these doorways should be used to lessen the risk of injury to workers to minimum, in case of fire emergency.

Overhead Doors are traditional doorways that are available in two kind, sectional and canopy. Overhead doors are most appropriate for garage areas or storage facility applications. Their benefit is that they are inexpensive and reliable, as it obtains rolled upward or turns up overhead, out of the way. Usually talking these kind doors could hamper light radiating from above lights above the location where the door relaxes in the open placement, nonetheless these type doorways are very inexpensive to make up for this small hassle.

Scissor Gates are normally utilized in shops that are mainly glass to show off the shop materials throughout company hours. For additional protection a scissor gate is to deter thiefs from damaging the glass and effortlessly entering into the business. These expanding gates are typically stowed in edges when open, offering clear sight of the properties with during the business hrs. You will see scissor gate previouslied owned at jewelers, shopping malls, banks, as well as commercial applications like storehouses and filling wharfs. Scissor gates are constructed from top quality steel with pivot bushings to make sure optimal durability to secure business structures long-term.

There are different placements when you might visualize of obtaining a rolling gate. Bear in mind that comparable to the expenses concerned in making a building, the expenses inhabited in buying a new door is likewise reduced as the celebration passes and it at some point pays off in the prolonged run. Another enhancement of using rolling gates is that they are roughly impossible to pulverize in even by the smartest criminals. Likewise, rolling gate restore work offered on it could be after a normal disaster will ultimately reduce your indemnity premiums. With ideal conservation and safety, they will absolutely have an increased life time when distinguished to other traditional doorways.

Window Gates

Window gates provide high-quality home security and protection. These gates are usually used for commercial purposes. One family living in a SoHo apartment felt it was in their best interest to use such gates for their back windows. Rolling gates have a more “commercial look”, but provide superior protection, while rolling gates for windows (like the one we installed for this family) discourage burglars from attempting a break-in.

Burglars find their way into your home via doors or windows and are drawn to expensive-looking exteriors. Providing a first-line deterrent like visible sturdy rolling gates on your windows like ‘Security Window Gates‘ is a massive step in guaranteeing the security of your personal belongings as well as of your family’s well-being. Similarly, having visible locks on your door is another intelligent step you can take. Your local locksmith can recommend the best locks, depending on your door as well as the area that you live in.

As a side note, our sister company Door Repair NYC offers commercial door repair as well as door installation. We highly recommend their service because like us, they employ only licensed and insured technicians. In addition, they offer service 7 days a week and will often troubleshoot your problems the same day. Most importantly, their service is exceptional and will leave your doors functioning for a long time coming at a price you’ll be happy with. Give them a call today for any commercial door repair/installation needs!